History about Machida Terminal-road Shopping Street

The history of Machida was formerly Kanagawa Prefecture.

Age Unknown The village was separated from the Machida village in Musashi Country.
1867 It belongs to Nirayama Prefecture by centralization of power. *Izu Country, Musashi Country, Sagami Country, Suruga country, Kai Country
1871, October Nirayama province is divided and belongs to Odawara Prefecture.
1871 The name of Odawara Prefecture was changed to Ashigara Prefecture.
1876 Ashigara Prefecture is abolished. It belongs to Kanagawa Prefecture.
1878 It belongs to Minami-Tama County by the formation law of the township.
1889 Hara-Machida village, Hon-Machida village and others were merged into Machida village.
1893 The Tama county area, including Machida City, was transferred from Kanagawa Prefecture to Tokyo Prefecture.
1913 Machida village became Machida Town.
1954 Machida Town and Minami village merged.
1958 Machida Town, Tsurukawa village, Tadao Village, Sakai Village merged, and Machida City.
1981, April JR (known as Japanese National Railways) Yokohama Line’s Hara-Machida station was moved to Hachioji side about 340 meters and renamed Machida Station.

Hara-Machida Station and Shin-Hara-Machida station is the current JR Machida station.
Shin-Hara-Machida station is the Machida station of the current Odakyu line.


Nostalgia Gallery

  • From TOKYU Main Building (1981, November)
  • From Jorna (1981, November)
    The location of the yellow car is currently the entrance to Don Quijote.
    Also, the location of Yoshinoya is different from the present.
  • From Mina side to TOKYU Main building (1981, November). It is very different from the present.