Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

It is an art museum centering on few prints in the world. Since opening in 1987, we have collected and saved excellent print works


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In addition to seeing various exhibits based on abundant collection works, we also offer citizens and visitors “fun to watch” “enjoyment to make” ” We aim to be an art museum that can offer comprehensively the pleasure to announce “.
In addition, as a place of art and culture exchanges between the inside and outside, various activities such as various events and lectures are held, and it is the base of Machida city’s cultural and artistic activities.
Together with lush greenery of Serikigaya Park, please spend a moment of being familiar with art at the hotel.

Quotation: Machida City International Printmaking Museum Greeting


Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

Address Hara-Machida 4-28-1, Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan.